Monday, January 28, 2008

mavericks game

we took atlee and beckett to the mavericks game on sunday night...all of the action kept their attention pretty well- especially anytime that the "mav's dancers" took the court. as we walked to the car after the game this was my conversation with beckett:

"did you like the game?"
"what part did you like the most?"
no response
"did you like the basketball players or the cheerleaders better?
"did you like the gummy savers (our game snack) better- or the cheerleaders?"

Monday, January 14, 2008

parenting advice

here is a little tip for all of you.

find a sweet friend and then send your child to her home for some monumental event (like a sleepover), then- and here's the important part: put her blog on your blog so that you have the memories saved with no work whatsoever on your part.

and, that is exactly what i am doing right now.

Life in the Inn full of Andersons