Wednesday, November 7, 2007

sink thoughts.

we had potty why not sink thoughts!

i have this area above my kitchen sink where i post things...a verse i am thinking about, a quote from sunday's sermon, a line from a book. as much as putting up a new one, i love to look back at the old ones- they remind me of the things i was thinking about for those weeks that it sat there. my newest thought comes from the book i am reading now- "through gates of splendor"...i'm sure many of you have read it- but this is my first time...i am (hopefully!!) being changed by it's pages.

a few nights ago i read this: "wherever you are, be all there. live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God" i pondered it for a minute- it struck me as wise...what does it mean to "live to the hilt" my marriage- (even when we don't have a babysitter lined up:) what about motherhood- how do i "live to the hilt" these days with atlee, beckett and avalon by my side (i think for me, this has something to do with watching my tone, not being grumpy- and being intentional about how i fill the hours that we spend together-trying to switch out the tv for books more, not answering the phone when we're in the middle of a game, making eye contact when they speak-simple courtesy that i find easier to extend to a stranger than my kids) and what about in my friendships? relationships at church? so much to think about! as jeff and i lay in bed that night i shared these thoughts with him.

the next day i happened to read a devotional about being still before God...i was taking in her thoughts, and then she wrote "makes me think of a quote of jim elliot's- wherever you are, be all there. live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God" -there it was again! she writes of "living to the hilt" with regards to stillness- hadn't thought about that one. later that same night jeff and i tucked in and watched a movie...during one of the more dramatic points, the main character looked at the actress opposite of him and said- "a long time ago someone told me two words that changed my life: be present." i am beginning to wonder if someone is trying to teach me something!

the photo above is one of those's me, studying avalon for the first time. fully present, totally there, living it to the hilt in the stillness of the room.

Monday, November 5, 2007

potty talk

i hesitated posting this pic...knowing that there are sick-o's out there who will blow this picture up and judge me based on how clean my bowl is (which it isn't)...if you're one of those people, stop- just read the story.

the following is the actual conversation between beckett and i around the toilet.

me- "beckett, do you know what this is?" (knowing full well that it was in fact a piece of the salmon that he was having for lunch- i had heard the plop in the water, investigated- but waited to bring it up until he had finished the rest of the salmon, all his green beans and had picked out his dessert)

beckett- "i think it's poo-poo"

me- "i don't think so, look again"

beckett- (totally straight faced) "it must be diarrhea"

me- "beckett,(deep breath) be honest."

beckett- (now fidgeting) "if i tell you it's salmon will you give me a han-ken?"

fyi: he didn't get a "han-kin"...i just tossed dessert (a pack of dots from his halloween candy stash) in the bowl too and flushed it all down- reserving one in my pocket to give him once i saw a truly repentant heart.

"superman with bad teeth"

the above was his own description of his costume...he looked much cooler without the teeth-however, we were unable to convince him of this.

dorothy & alice

("alice" is the director of children's ministry at trinity chapel)

the mermaid

Life in the Inn full of Andersons