Monday, April 28, 2008

before and after

our tiny new niece, augustella ryan, arrived into bobby and jenna's arms last thursday...she weighed a perfect 7 pounds and was 19 inches long. we are all thrilled for various reasons--jeff and i are so excited that bobby and jenna join us in parenthood-we are confident they will inspire and humble us in this role, atlee is excited because she will have a new baby to hold and care for (okay, that's mine too), beckett is excited because he is sure that she was named after him (since his birthday is in august!?!) and avalon, well- she just gave a big grin. the "before" photo was taken on the beach a few weeks ago.

welcome augustella- we love you!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

matthew 24:14-30

about a year ago some friends, with two beautiful children, called to ask if jeff and i would be willing to be part of a team that would oversee the execution of their wishes should they die- wow...what an honor. this is the closest "real life" situation that i can think of to illustrate the parable of the talents in matthew 25:14-30. in this parable the master entrusted his property (vs14) to his servants while he went away. after a long time (vs19) the master returns and the servants are held accountable for their management of the goods. just as we were asked to be responsible for carrying out our friends will, God- in his goodness- has entrusted me to carry out His will within the situation he has placed me in. in the parable, the master gave different "situations" to each of his servants- one got five talents, another two and the last was given one. just like in life, each of us have different situations- nearly each week at bible study i sit next to a single mom, of two young children, who is fighting breast cancer- and do you know what she prays for each week? not for a cure, not for a better support system, not even just to feel better- but that God would be glorified in her health situation. her current season is what i would call a "one talent season", a season of life when carrying out "The Will" requires that one steps outside of her comfort to walk a path ordained by a God that at times looks harsh and scary (vs 24, 25), but the great thing about my friend (which is quite different than the response of the one talent servant in parable) is she is living her life like it is a two or a five talent season---she is looking for opportunities to be good and faithful (vs 23)--because she knows, He is good and faithful.

Friday, April 4, 2008

extreme dog makeover.

we've really let riley's hair go...i can't remember a time when he's gone so long between groomings. no reason really- other than the fact that he really seemed to enjoy his long hair- and i began to look at it as a way to save money. it was matted with chaos- each time he came in from the yard he would have various twigs and leaves suck in his fur- but he seemed happy enough. when we finally took him for his appointment i felt embarrassed- wondering if long matted hair could be defined as neglect--especially when i read the sign on the cash register that said "ungroomed is unloved"- i wanted to explain that i really do love riley, sometimes more than others- but love is a commitment, right? not a feeling? now, of course, i didn't say any of this- i sheepishly avoided eye contact and gave a tip when it was over.

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