Thursday, May 22, 2008

the end of the beginning.

this week marked the last week of kindergarten for atlee. one of my favorite moments of the week was pulling out the above pieces of paper from her backpack and comparing them side by side. the top one was written on her first day of school- and the bottom one, on the last. i'm visual so it was a great reminder of her progress! when we were in the throws of making school decisions last year i remember thinking "it's only kindergarten- it's not even required in texas- surely she can't learn that much". i guess had quite underestimated ms. hobbs, her teacher, who lovingly and wisely set the bar higher than i would have- with the expectation that she would jump to it.

standing by her cubbie in her room

we went to chuck e cheese's last night to celebrate- since we were honoring atlee, she got to choose any restaurant in fort worth- she deliberated between: mcdonalds, chickfila (sp?) and uncle julio's- but in the end, germ central won. in keeping with my goal to be efficient- we also honored beckett, as he is showing much progress in not sucking his two fingers! this picture is both of them holding their certificates that they redeemed for tokens.

Life in the Inn full of Andersons